A powerful podcast dedicated to empowering women of color in their professional journeys

By Laurie N. Robinson Haden

“Interview with Laurie Podcast” is a powerful podcast dedicated to empowering women of color in their professional journeys. Through expert guidance and inspiring stories from Laurie N. Robinson Haden, the podcast offers practical strategies to navigate obstacles you may face on your journey and achieve success along the way.

Expect the podcasts to delve into recognizing your own power, investing in personal growth, expanding your network, seeking guidance from mentors, showcasing your value, and embracing opportunities with confidence. Listen in to tap into the wisdom and support you have longed for to help propel your career forward as a woman of color. Subscribe today.

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Discover a wealth of transformative downloadable materials from the empowering book “It’s Time to Shine” Complementing its core principles, these resources provide practical insights and actionable steps for personal and professional growth. Within them, you will find strategies for networking, investing in yourself, finding sponsors, overcoming setbacks, and achieving work-life balance, financial freedom, and entrepreneurship.

Feeling out of breath? Well, chances are these exercises will not only take your breath away but breathe new life into your career trajectory and help you unearth ways to leave a lasting legacy in your chosen field. Let’s get started!


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Schedule a one-on-one Zoom call with Laurie N. Robinson Haden, a successful businesswoman, CEO of Corporate Counsel Women of Color®, and author of “It’s Time to Shine”, a comprehensive guide empowering professionals, especially women of color, with practical strategies for career success. From overcoming challenges to leveraging networks, her book offers actionable advice and real-life examples that can be used regardless of where you are in your career.

With expertise in labor law and a passion for networking, Laurie has empowered women of color in the legal profession and achieved remarkable growth for CCWC. When you schedule a call, you will get to connect with Laurie and gain invaluable insights from her extensive experience. Get empowered on your career journey and book a call today.